I am a Professional Pet Stylist who has made Dallas home for the last 14 years.   I am a mother of two children, owner of two dogs, one cat, and one hamster.  Life is never dull.

As a professional pet groomer for 14 years, I believe in providing a top quality experience for you and your pet. Before your pets grooming session starts, I will sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior and health, then, I will create a custom grooming plan for you. I promise a safe and clean environment for all pets and I look forward to giving your pet the most comfortable and professional pet groom he or she deserves.   All breeds, all sizes, all behavior types, and yep, I still groom happily.  I like to envision a dog as a canvas and groom in such a way that brings out the dog’s personality. I can certainly groom to breed standards, but I especially enjoy grooming creatively to give a dog a unique look. Sometimes even a small difference is all it takes.

When it comes to grooming there’s always more to learn.   After fourteen years in the grooming industry I continue to learn and stay abreast of the latest information about companion animal care available.  My talents include grooming both dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.